KS800 digital duplicator

Compact in size, giant in performance

Wide original compatibility
To assure you of the best results with a wide variety of originals, KS800 offers letter / photo/ newspaper modes as well as reduction and enlargement. Letter mode is ideal for text based documents, photo mode is designed for originals that are graphic / photo intensive, and newspaper mode is perfect for printing from newspapers or originals on rough or recycled paper. Four-step reduction and three-step enlargement allow you to match your master to your desired output size.

Easy, intuitive operation
Clever engineering and a clear easy-to-read control panel makes operation both, simple and intuitive. In fact, printing with the KS800 is just about as easy as using a copier. This means that everybody in the office can take advantage of the KS800’s quality and versatility from day one, with no special training required.

Output quality you can rely on
RISO is known for its quality printers, and the name is your guarantee of top-quality output. Scanning resolution of 200 x 300 dpi, reproduces the finest details clearly and legibly for beautiful results with virtually any original.


Broad paper selection: KS800 versatility extends to paper size and weight, too. Paper sizes from B5 to A3, are available, allowing you to create the widest variety of documents. And compatibility with paper weights from 50 g/m2 to 128g/m2 lets you choose the ideal paper for your application.

Fast, convenient quality: The KS800 not only offers superb print quality, it does it fast.

Easy: The easy-to-read control panel makes operation both, simple and intuitive.

Product Spec Sheet

KS800 digital duplicator